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2-Step Registration:

Step 1: Complete the Registration Form below to participate in Contemporary Art Month-CC (CAMCC)

Be sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. 

Step 2: Pay your CAMCC Fee. Payments may made below the form or in person at K Space Contemporary.

                     If your exhibition is already arranged - Select "My Show is Set...." under "Exhibition Arrangement" and list the Name of the Business where your exhibition will be held in the blanks for Business Contact Information.


If you need assistance arranging your exhibition, select "Please Help Arrange My CAMCC show...." under  Exhibition Arrangement at the top. Whether you are an Artist or a Business, complete the appropriate information in the form and leave the rest blank:  If you are an Artist and do not have a business lined up to exhibit your work, fill out ONLY the ARTIST portion of the form and leave the Business info blank.  If your are a Business Owner who would like to show an artist in your shop, fill out ONLY the Business portion of the form and leave the Artist's Info blank. 

We will contact you to arrange your CAMCC exhibition.

Step 1: Registration Form


When the form disappears after you click Submit, Step 1, your registration

form has been submitted. 

Step 2:  Make your Payment

You may make your payment below or pay in person at K Space Contemporary:

Click "Buy Now" to Pay CAMCC Artist/Group Fee Below - $35

Includes 1 Individual Membership to K Space Contemporary

Click "Donate" to Make your CAMCC Business Donation Below - $50

Includes 1 Business Membership to K Space Contemporary