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Edge Friction - Leticia Bajuyo, 2018

How to Participate in CAMCC 

  1. Arrange an Exhibition: Artist sets up an exhibition with a business owner, or Business owner/manager sets up an exhibition with an artist or group of artists. 

  2. Set Dates: Exhibitions, receptions and events must occur during the month of March. They can open at anytime during March and may continue beyond March.

  3. Register the exhibition details with CAMCC by completing the online Registration Form. (Hard copies are available at K Space Contemporary.) 

  4. Promotion: CAMCC promotes your exhibition, reception / events in social media, mass emails, press releases and lists all events on this website.​

CAMCC Exhibition Guidelines

  • New Installations: CAMCC shows must be new installations, not artwork that is on permanent display. Artists may change out a permanent exhibition with fresh work for CAMCC.

  • Number of works: Display a minimum of 3 large works (Large = greater than 4 feet in both dimensions) or 7 smaller works.  A single work of art does not constitute an exhibition unless it is a large-scale mural or site-specific installation piece.

  • Pop Ups, Performance Art and Happenings are encouraged.

  • Exhibitions already scheduled during the month of March are welcome!


Exhibition Titles: CAMCC Exhibitions will be listed as following in promotion:

​Solo & 2-person Exhibitions: Artist's Name at Business Name (ex. John Doe at The Law Offices)

Group Exhibitions (3+ artists): Group Name or Exhibition Title at Business Name  (ex. "Chicas Bonitas" at La Retama Library or Art Association at So-N-So Restaurant)


Amanda Shepherd, Day Wheeler, Jimmy Pena, Gerald Lopez at Cafe Calypso, 2017  (works by Wheeler & Lopez)


  • Select a location where you’d like to exhibit your work and contact the owner/manager. Any type of venue can host an exhibit: retail shop, office lobby, salon, dance/yoga studio, restaurant, school/office hallway, library, etc. Perhaps you have a friend who owns a real estate office or retail shop?

  • Business Consent: Please obtain the Business's permission/approval before listing them in the registration form. Show examples of your work to the business owner to make her/him aware of what you will be exhibiting.

  • Things to Discuss with a Business Owner/Manager:

    • When to install (date/time). Artists must be available to install their show or help the business owner install.

    • How to hang or show the artwork (nails/hardware, easels, pedestals)

    • If and when you will have a reception or Meet-the-Artist event - set date and time

    • How sales will be handled

    • Date when you will take down the exhibition

  • What you need to Register

    • Contact Info for both Artist and Business

    • Brief (250 words or less) Statement about your work, Bio, Description

    • One image of your work 5 MB or smaller

    • Exhibition and Event Dates - All must occur between March 1 and 31.  If you must make a change, let us know immediately.


Need a place to exhibit? If you wish to participate, but do not have a business partner, select the appropriate statement in the registration form. Leave the Business section of the form blank. We will help you locate an exhibition location.

Deadline to

register is

February 15th.


$35 per Solo Exhibition - includes Individual Membership to K Space Contemporary

$35 per Group Exhibition

(3+ artists) - includes one Individual Membership to K Space Contemporary for Group Contact.

 Registration for CAMCC 2019 is CLOSED

See CAMCC Registration Form


Tana Alexander at Urbana, 2018



If you have an artist in mind, contact her/him to arrange an exhibition. 

Things to Discuss with an Artist when planning an exhibition:

  1. Review & approve artwork (via artist’s website/Facebook/Instagram album/etc) before agreeing to show it in your business. You may show one artist or a group of artists.

  2. Determine how sales of artwork will be handled. Will you refer buyer to the artist or take a check and give to artist? Or would you rather handle it like a regular sale and pay the artist afterwards?

  3. Artists are expected to install their own work, but will need your direction as to how, when and where the artwork will be placed. Decisions about artwork selection and installation are between the artist and business owner/manager.

  4. How will you allow the artist to install his/her artwork - picture hangers, nails, easels,  pedestals or on existing shelving or furniture? 

  5. Schedule a time for artist to install artwork when business traffic is light.

  6. Either the business or the artist must register the show on the CAMCC website. Decide which of you will complete the online registration form. Generally, the artist handles the registration.

  7. Schedule an ending date and time for the artist to remove the work and repair walls.

Need a Partner? If you wish to participate, but do not have an artist partner, simply check the appropriate box in the registration form. Leave the Artist’s info portion of the form blank. We will pair you with an artist.


Registration for CAMCC 2019 is CLOSED

See CAMCC Registration Form

Deadline to

register is

February 15th.



For a $50 donation, you will become a Business Level Member of K Space Contemporary and enjoy promotion to a new audience. This offer is 50% off the Business Membership rate and helps to defray costs of CAMCC promotion.